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GESTALT: An organized whole that is perceived
as more than the sum of its parts.

The opening line of my law school application essay reads, ”The narrative of my personal history is distinguished by many things of which I am proud.” At the time I thought this line so funny and obnoxious and absurd, and yet necessary for such an application. What followed that opening line was a litany of things of which I am proud. Although I still love that opening line, I've since realized it’s just as important to share the many things by which I'm embarrassed, perplexed, and bemused; things which better illustrate my gestalt.


I'm an attorney in Baltimore, MD, where I live with my wife, three children, and Beagle named Beastie. I arrived here by way of New York City, Boston, and a small farm outside of Buffalo. In my spare time I write essays and short stories, some of which have been published by McSweeney's, The Good Men Project, and Writer's Bone, among others. 


Gestalt is one of my favorite words, phonetically and substantively.

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